Comic 16 - Substitute
25th May 2017, 2:46 AM in Unplugged
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cattservant edit delete reply
fridge magnet sorcery
view edit delete reply
Hah! Magnetic poetry stylings by our very own magnetic poetry magician!
Niall (Guest) edit delete reply
This is a good comment. You should be proud fo this comment.
OnanTheBarbarian edit delete reply
Improvising with magic runes...
Always a good idea.
Fade edit delete reply
Who needs to be proficient at esoteric mystic calligraphy when you can just play scrabble with some magical coins?
view edit delete reply
Pretty much. Industrialized magic.
kanada (Guest) edit delete reply
yessss. technocratic and quasi-scientific magic systems are like sweet candy to me, i'm looking forward to this setting if it's got anywhere near the thought put into it that NMtG/SD did (I haven't gotten around to Space Pulp yet, so I can't comment on that).
Fade edit delete reply
It's the only logical direction for magic. The downside there being when people start claiming copyright on different spells and the like.